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Hi i want to keep my ram and my 2 5970's liquid cooled i have chose the water blocks (The Koolance VID-AR597) and my ram water blocks. My only prob is i have no space in my case and can not mount anything on top. I have looked at the zalman range but they dont seen up to the job of cooling 4 gpu's at a decent temp thats worth me paying for. I have seena exterior koolance system thats £900!! i want to spend no more than 600 on the 4 gpus (2 cards). can i mount the rads in a seperate case or something? or is there other powerfull exterior cooling solutions? help me spend my cash an get a great system
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  1. You could just run tubes onto the outside of the case (maybe drill two holes and run one tube out, Y split it into two rads then rejoin it into one tube again to go back in... you may wanna consider a good quality pump though or possibly a 2nd pump) and 900 isnt that much for watercooling.. ive set up cutom watercooled rigs that spent like a bit over 2 grand for the cooling system.. though you can get it cheap especially just for graphics and ram
  2. Just ran through setting up a system to cool that kind of PC, and where i tend to get the watercooling good can set it up for about 550 - 600 quid .. not that much under the 900 but In all honesty I think 550 - 600 is pretty fair price for watercooling
  3. There are no powerful external systems, because there are no powerful prebuilt systems. What case do you have?

    I am not sure why you can't put a radiator ontop of your case, like this:

    You can mount a radiator on the wall by your computer if you wanted to.

    To cool two 5970s, your going to need a 420 or 480 radiator. I recommend:

    You should have 2 pumps I think, I always recommend two for a WC loop with more than a 360 radiaotr:

    You will need a reservoir too. Now get some decent fans. I recommend 6 140mm fans on the radiator in a push and pull configuration.
  4. i have got an alienware computer thats my pron i have realised i have made such a mistake, its powerfull but i carnt mod it at all. I have the area 51 alx. if you look at a pic online you will see ds no space inside. And i carnt mount anything on the sides it will spoil the case also both sides are doors that i need to open? any sugestions
  5. ow and on the top u wil see there are fins that move up and down depending on tem so can not mount there either
  6. As AMW1011 said, if you arnt moving the case mount the radiotor(s) to a wall or something as long as you dont mind that, though if you are mounting rads outside the case you would need to get entry holes into the case and if if doesnt have them ude need to makes holes, which would "spoil" the case lol alternate solution (not the best though) is buy a new case aswell as the watercooling?
  7. [...] /IMG_6.JPG
    the rad at the back is an idea? though it could restrict the access at the back? what do people think?
  8. i can have the pipes coming out the back and if im honest dout ill be able to mout to the wall my bird would go sick at me lol, wot about at the back as shown on AMW1011 has on his 1st link?
  9. Yeh, mounting to the back of the case is always an option, make sure to mount in a zone that leaves access to the expansion slots and that though its a nice idea
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