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Have an old desktop that I need to use to get to the internet for security reasons (e.g. Vanguard only recognizes old PC right now). i hooked up my new monitor and keyboard and I can see only the bottom right quadrant of the desktop - which appears in the upper left of the monitor. How can I config the monitor, if I can't get to the control panel?! I can't see it. I can get to the internet using a hot button on my keyboard, but I can't see the ribbon at the top - so I can't key in a web address. Help!!
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  1. If you can see any of the desktop, right click it and go to personalize/properties.

    Also if you can get the command prompt open I think the display settings command is;

    control findfast.cpl

    for win98

    For XP just type in control
  2. Have you gone into the menu on your monitor itself? Monitor I'm using likes to move the screen to the left and leave nearly the right half black, all I need to do is auto config it again from within it's own menu to correct the display.
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