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Intel i5-750 - 1 out of 4 cores running slowly


I've recently been experiencing some problems with my computer when playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 which led to consider a problem with my processor. The game would freeze, and an audio loop would also occur, and no manner of key presses, mouse movements or Ctrl Alt Del'ing would stop it. Anyway, I've checked my graphics card, hard drives and motherboard, all of which are working fine. I've updated the bios for the motherboard and reset to factory defaults; just for good measure. After doing all this, it was suggested to me by a friend to use the program "Prime 95" to stress test the CPU. Upon doing so, I noticed that the third core of the processor was on average 12-20 seconds slower to complete a calculation than the other three cores. As a result, the calculation lag accumulated, and for example, by the time the other 3 cores were up to test 10, the third core was still processing test 7. I was also monitoring core temperatures with SpeedFan, and the temperature for the third core was 3-5 degrees lower than the other cores during the stress test.

The specs of my system are as follows - Intel Core i5-750 2.66GHz proc., Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4 motherboard, Antec 500W PSU, 2 x 2Gb Corsair DDR3 DIMMs, 400Gb Samsung SATA HDD, Palit GTS 250 1Gb E-green graphics card and Windows 7 64 bit.

Is there something wrong with the processor inherently? Or is this a normal thing for the processor? I'm just curious about it before I attempt to try and get a replacement from OEM or RMA with intel. If there's any more information you require, please do ask.

Thanks in advance!
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    From my experience with Prime95, it is normal for one core to be slower in the process. It is just the Prime95 application itself. I wouldn't be to worried. :)
  2. @tecmo34 - Ah okay, thanks very much for that, puts my mind at ease a little :)

    @dipankar2007ind - CPU usage during the test was full 100% load, but I thought that would be fairly normal considering the nature of the test.

    But i'm still curious as to why BC2 is acting up in this way.

    Edit: Also, just as a side note; this problem occurs with NO other games that I play - Black Ops, MW2, GRID, Dragon Age etc etc; none of them freeze up in this way, just BC2. I've also read that BC2 uses much more of the processor than other games do, and upon drawing this connection, I was worried about the CPU itself.
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