OS installed on wrong drive.

Here is my situation.
I just built my first rig and I used a 256gb SSD for win7 OS.
I also have a 2tb hdd for media.

My old PC has a 120gb SSD I was using for steam.
I realized I would rather wipe my 120 SSD and use it in new rig purly for OS. Then use 256 SSD for steam and games. The 2tb for media naturally.

Both my PCs are still usable so I was wondering if anyone can provide me with a step list of how I can wipe my 120 SSD completely to prepare it for OS and to wipe my 256 as well. I don't need in depth instructions just an outline of what I need to do in what order, when to physically switch drives out if cases etc.
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  1. Backup any crucial data from the SSD's to the media drive (temp).
    Connect the 120GB SSD into the system with 256GB SSD drive that is running Win7.
    Now format the 120GB SSD. Install into any of the computers minus any drives, install the OS.
    With the fresh OS up and running on the 120GB SSD, install the 256GB SSD into said computer, perform a format and there you go.

    Once everything has been verified, copy whatever crucial data from the media drive to either SSD.

    You now have a system with a fresh OS on a 120GB SSD and the 256GB SSD can now be used to your heart's content!
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    You can install the 120 gb SSD in the new computer and the Windows install will format the drive and then load wiindows onto it. Do not have any other drives connected at the time of install and make sure that the sata mode is set to AHCI and the SSD is connected to the first sata 3 port controlled by the Intel chip.
    After install of the OS on the 120gb SSD you can then connect the other drives and anything that you want saved put on the 2 tb drive and then you can format the 256 gb SSD. The format may come up withan error stating that a format can not be done because of the Windows folder being on the drive , so you will have to go into disk manaegement and delete the partition on the 256 gb SSD and then you can make a new one and format it , then give it a drive letter.
    After that is done you can if you want put the stuff you want to save on the two SSDs and formate the large hard drive and then you can organize the files that your saving on it.
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