Packard bell ixtreme would not start, makes a whistling noise lasting around one

Hello, thank you for reading this:
My Packard Bell computer refused to start (dark screen, hard drive light off) and emitted a whistling noise (as described above). Took it for repairs, only to be told that the motherboard, CPU and RAM are destroyed, according to the technician, due to a power unit malfunction. I was advised to buy a new computer, as the warranty expired.
Please your opinion and advice.
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  1. Trust the opinion of a technician?
    have a knowledgable friend examine components?
    find data recovery people in phone book for anything you need off the old laptop?

    I'm out of ideas :)
  2. Before I had even read your post about seen a tech, I was going to tell you the same exact thing. Your PSU is definitely dead, but I cannot say anything about your other componants without looking at them personally. But.... If your interested in trying to revive it, find a PSU that you can put in there and test your PC with. That is of course the tech didnt do that for you already, i would suspect he did, or at least should have being a PC tech. But you nnever know, cant really trust everyone in this world.
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