I have

intel(R) pentium(R) dual cpu E2140 @ 1.60Ghz
4gb RAM
64- bit operating system
mercury pig31u motherboard

will it support 2 TB harddrive??
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  1. It should.
  2. Thanks inzone!!
    but its hanging!!! :(
  3. Have you updated the bios lately ?
  4. No.... I need to update??
  5. If your motherboard did not initialy support 2 tb drives and over time there was a bios update that fixed that then yes you may need an update. How old is the motherboard ?
    Is the 2 tb drive the only drive in the computer or is it a second drive ?
  6. Thanks.... i bought motherboard 1 year back...
    earlier i was using only 160 gb hdd.....
    pig31u bios update are also not on mercury site... how i can update it??

    thanks in advance :)
  7. When you said earlier that it was hanging , at what point was it hanging ? Are you still using the 160 gb drive as the OS drive ?
  8. for 10 to 15 minutes it works really well.... when i start using internet or copying data it hangs...
    right now i m using 160 gb as OS...
    earlier i had made 2 TB hdd as OS but it was not working properly so switched to 160 gb again...

    I AM NOT USING BOTH HDD TOGETHER..... because it hangs also when i use both together...
  9. Thanks for replies... :)
  10. Well then an option for you to consider is to use the smaller hard drive and boot into Windows and mak the 2 tb drive into two partitions and you can actually use it as two drives and maybe that will stop the computer from hanging.
  11. thanks inzone i vil try this option.......

    i hope this vil work :)
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