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My computer has been having issues booting up windows lately. I did a fresh install of W7 last week and then had the same issue where it would not boot again today.

When attempting to install W7 from my flash drive the computer gives a memory issue error message. The screen where Windows loads files appears first and runs all the way through, but then I get one of several error messages before the actual windows installer appears.

I have individually removed and switched around each of the 4 memory sticks and I have the issue with each of them individually and in any combination I put in there.

I'm led to believe there is an issue with the motherboard or cpu perhaps. What would be a good route to go from here? How can I check out what is actually causing the issue?

Sorry to be vague...the error messages I get mention memory and then have a huge series of numbers, and I have no idea what they are. I just doubt its the memory because I don't think all 4 sticks are bad.
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  1. download and run memtest to test your memory one or two passes is enough to see any errors also check your memory voltage in the bios is set to the correct voltage--mine sets it to 1.5v automatically but it should be 1.65v so i get problems till i set the voltage manually
  2. Earlier today I got the computer to the point where I was doing a fresh install of W7 after formating the hd. However, after formating the hd the installer said there was no partition on the disk I've been running an operating system on for years.

    I'm getting both c000021a+c0000005 codes before the installer comes up now.

    I've tested this with each stick of memory independently and it happens each time. I've unplugged any unnecessary items from the computer and still I am getting one or the other of the above codes. Without getting into the installer I can't even get into windows to test the memory sticks. I have no other computer to test them either...Please let somebody on here be a godsend and have some good advice for me!
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