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Hey, I have been having audio and video both glitching a lot lately. The video will freeze and the audio will buzz for half second then find itself on the time line and play normal. At first I thought it was just the internet because it happened with youtube and netflix. Then I was playing some music on my computer and it did the same glitching, buzzed a half second them went on playing normal. It happens very frequent and I dont understand it.

Now let me explain my pc. I have a Core I7 on a gigabyte ex58 UD5 purchased in November of 2008. It also has 6 gigs of Corsair DDR3 1600. The video card purchased with the system was a EVGA GTX 260 which I recently upgraded to the gigabyte 5870 this February. Now the power supply is a APEVIA ICEBERG ATX-IB680W-BL 680W which was purchased May of 2007. I am running Windows 7 64 bit. I am also two 1 tb Caviar Black WD Hard Drives in RAID 0 which were purchased in April 2009.

Now I have read online that a failing power supply can cause this but that does not really make sence to me because I dont have a issue with the system restarting or blue screening at all. It has been very stable with very few crashes or blue screens since I built it in 08. Even with Vista being clunky it never really crashed then I install Win 7 after it came out.

My system with cable internet should be able to handle youtube, and especially music on my own hard drive, lol.

Any ideas and help would be great.

Thanks So Much!
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  1. I would say that it could most likely be your power supply effecting those areas. You could test the battery out and see if it is performing up to par where it should be. Here is a little site I found on how to test it:

    I don't know a whole lot about troubleshooting I just wanted to give me .02. Hope this helps. You could always try to update the drivers too maybe? Hope you find a solution!
  2. Thanks for the link, I will check it out. What is also weird is the I have updated to Catalyst 10.8 which was just release and still have the issue.
  3. I think that your PC may have a Codec and or Driver issue. If you have installed various multimedia applications sometimes things seem to go wrong with the OS's ability to handle complex sound and or video. This has happened to me in Win 7. A clean install and the latest downloaded drivers are the way to go. If it has not been happening long then try a Restore Point. Especially if you have installed any multimedia applications recently.
  4. I have now reformatted and still have the same issue with my computer stuttering and glitching while playing games, netflix, youtube, and even mp3's on my own hard drive. I ran memtest and my memory passed with flying colors. I am really confused. I also bought a power supply tester and my power supply passed with flying colors. Any one else got any ideas?
  5. Does anyone maybe know if Adobe Premier Elements 8 might be contributing to the problem?
  6. This is strange but I think I figured it out guys. It was a bad DVD burner. Glitching and lagging went away after unplugging the bad DVD burner. Hope this can help someone else out to.
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