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December 6, 2012 3:33:40 AM

I AM CURRENTLY USING A MECHANICAL HARDRIVE WHICH IS MUCH MUCH SLOWER THAN AN SSD AND EVEN LAG IN GAME PERFORMANCE. I am a CONSTANT GAMER and learning PROGRAMMING IN ALL THE LANGUAGES AND CAN USE DATABASE AND IN FUTURE I MAY BE INTERESTED IN ANIMATION ALSO. I AM THINKING OF SPENDING AROUND 250-280 Dollars only to buy a SSD upto 240 GB memory FOR USING it FOR PRIMARY storage CURRENTLY I MEAN TO SAY JUST TO INSTALL THE OPERATING SYSTEM IN IT WITH ALL THE DRIVERS AND SOFTWARE SO THAT IT COULD RESPOND FAST AND THEN, I THINK OF USING MECHANICAL HARDDRIVE FOR USING SECONDARY STORAGE OR ALSO GAMING STORAGE. You see I want my OS to respond fast and when the mechanical harddrive is in secondary storage it will have an optimum data transfer rate because it will only used for data transfer and not by operating system and I have motherboard of ASUS-M5A97 which I guess is SATA-III compatible I dont really know that but it sure has a USB 3.0 and aslo I cannot afford for more costly SSD for now and also I dont completely believe in SSDs cause its new and even if my 240 GB primary SSD with operating system crashes I dont care I can switch back to mechanical. I am in India right now and I dont see the OCZ VERTEX 4 256 GB in Indian market and currently in Indian market Corsair Force Series GS 240 SSD has a 90 K I/OPS and there is only OCZ VERTEX 4 128 GB in the Indian market which is fast but has less IOPS then that of Corsair GS 240 GB I dont know how to tell the difference between them. And between Corsair Force 240 GT Series and Corsair Force GS 240 I believe Corsair Force GS 240 could be fastest, but Corsair customer care told me that there is really not much difference in performace of Corsair Force GT 240 with 85 k IOPS and Corair GS 240 GB with 90 k IOPS so what should I do, should I go ahead and order Corsair Force Series GS 240 SSD for installing the OS or should I wait for the market settle down. Please sir anyone help me understand and buy the best SSD required for my single user purpose of gaming programming, learing database and maybe in future software. And if someone can, please also do tell me the difference between OCZ AGILITY series and OCZ Vertex series Thank you. Your believer in Tech tips TOMs hardware ARJUN RD.