Hey guys, im planning on buying the GTX 1GB version made by Palit (

I have never heard of Palit before, ive researched the net and ive found mixed opinions of them, anyone know what Palit are like?
If you do what do you think of them?
Also if there is a better version of the GTX 1GB please let me know.

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  1. Palit have been here for quite a while. Some of their products are good, some bad. They are mainly known for having the cheapest cards, however, they only have a two year warranty or so on most products, prior to 2010 or so they only had a one year warranty, and you may like to make a note of that.
  2. That's a cheap GTX460 for $179.5, but what about the rest of your system?
  3. palit is good humm

    personally i would go 4 MSI

    2 fans on the top much cooler
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