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Hello, I am building a new system and want to raid my drives for performance. I have 4 250gb wd drives and a 500gb wd dirve. Which raid setup will work better using some or all of my drives?
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  1. Uhm, I'd raid the 250 GB drives in a raid 5 or 10 - that way you get the speed of RAID 0 with the reliability of RAID 1.

    Then use the 500GB drive for data that doesn't need speed.
  2. Raid 0 will give you the performance increase. however you will need to use drives of the same size and speed to get best results. (4x250gb in raid 0)

    A big downside to raid 0 is the fact that if one of the 250's die then ALL of the data on all 4 of the drives is lost.
    Raid 10 is a great idea but you will loose 50% of your storage capacity.

    most basic & onboard raid controllers will only support raid modes 1 and 0

    Raid 0 with 4x250 gb HDD's will probally give between 80-150mb/s read / write.
    a single 128 or 256gb SSD will give easily 450mb/s read & write

    all that being said. getting a single 128 or 256gb SSD will blow any raid setup with the drives you mentioned.
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