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I'm currently using outlook express on XP. It starts up and checks email in less than a second. It uses hardly any system resources. I like this.

I'm getting a new laptop with W7---can't use OE any longer (not compatible).

So which client should I use? I don't care about extra functionality, fancy graphics or other bloat. Just speed in starting up and checking email (I heard windows live/thunderbird mail are slow and a significant drain on resources)

I really don't like the idea that I'm upgrading to a MUCH faster PC only to end up with a slower email experience.

thanks in advance
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  1. "outlook express" was replaced with "windows mail" included in vista, which has in turn been replaced with "windows live mail" included in windows 7.
  2. yes i mentioned this, but I've been led to believe that WLM is slow and bloated. (in one test i found it was an average of 12 seconds to start up and check mail).
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