Budget GTX 460 based Gaming PC

Well I am goiing to buy a new rig soon,so i would appreciate any help from more experienced users.Here it goes:

BUDGET RANGE: Not from US so hard to tell.
SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming!,watching movies,surfing the internet
PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers,DVD-Rom
MONITOR RESOLUTION: mostly 1680x1050 or even 1280x760,not higher than 1920x1080
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Don't bother recommending RAM and HDD.most likely It will have 4gb DDR3 and 1TB Hdd
At this point my parts list is following:

CPU: Athlon II X4 640 +Cooler Master HYPER TX3 | or Core i3 530 or athlon II X3 435, simply not to bottleneck GPU
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 460 oc 768mb (the one with Windforce )|
M/B: ASROCK N68C-S UCC | A lot of questions about this. | recommendations?
PSU: INTER-TECH 650W but Not sure |same as above
CASE: GMC R2-Toast(not a lot of space,not perfect cooling) |same as above
Plans for Overclocking: Gpu core from 715mhz to 750-800mhz (should be ok?),CPU: i've only done it with stock voltage and built in software(so mostly no experience),recommendations. So no extreme overclocking at this point.

Here are several questions:
1)Does UCC (unlock core) works with any of these? Maybe i should be better of with x3 435 and unlocked core? Main disadvantages of m/b (since it's so cheap)?
2)How much PSU do i really need?

Well that's mainly it.All recommendations are welcome.Thank you guys in advance.
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  1. A good 550W should be enough for your build.. But i am not so sure about that Inter-Tech brand.. My recommendation would be to get some quality in there and get one from brands like Corsair or Antec.. A Corsair VX 550W will be very good.. Also, don't count on unlocking cores.. Getting a true quad core is the smarter way..
  2. Thank for the reply so the choice is down to x4 640 and core i3 530,(i'm still preferring x4 640).And a different PSU.(I think inter-tech is german)
  3. 500w will easily suffice for your build. Im running a similar system - athlon II x3 435 OC to 3.5ghz /w 4th core unlocked - although it really is a lottery so dont buy one for the sole reason of unlocking it - gtx460 768mb, 4gb ddr 3, 5 case fans, 2 HDD + akasa allinone 2 and using a ocz stealth xtream 500w and its running like a dream)

    I would reccomend getting a phenom over an athlon if gaming is its primary use as the l3 cache really does come in handy. Dont drop down to dual core though as it wont be as good as a 3 or 4 core system at everything else pretty much. If you can find a phenom 2 x3 for a decent price then go for that, failing that I would go for the 4 core athlon as its a proper 4 core chip which isnt based on random lottery and is sure to be fully stable. The athlon will outdo the phenom on most day to day things such as multi tasking but the phenom will do better in gaming which is why I would look into that first.
  4. Oh missed a few other points. In terms of the motherboard ive not dealt with asrock for a while, depending on how competant you are with OCing then I would suggest an MSI as it has a nice little auto OC switch on (+10, 15 or 20% increase) which wont set the world on fire but will be noticeable and is great if you dont like messing around in bios etc.

    In terms of a case? How much are you wanting to spend?
    Im using an Antec 300 which was £45 delivered on ebuyer a few months back, its not that quiet and has pretty much no cable management (apart from 2 reusable cable ties :S) but is excellent at cooling, looks good and is fairly sturdy. If you do OC but dont have overly much to cram in then its a good case.

    Failing that the xigmatek midguard is a available for a tenner more and has a black interrior, better cable management but its cooling is a little below that of the 300.

    For a much better all rounder then the coolermaster cm690 is more expensive than both, it looks great, has superior cooling to both, nice interior, more space, good cable management but all of this does bump the price up alot from the first.

    Here are some links but there are just my suggestions.

    http://www.ebuyer.com/product/191197 - CM690

    http://www.ebuyer.com/product/173869 - Midguard

    http://www.ebuyer.com/product/143854 - 300
  5. Thanks for the replies,I think i'm gonna get the Antec 300 which podmonkey had mentioned. Now the choice is only up to PSU i'm still thinking what to get inter-tech 650w (which is german,which shouldn't be rubbish, has active PFC) or XILENCE PSU 550W (SPS-XP550.(12 )R3,i'm not sure this one is better,but it has gamer edition on it :D)
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