Which graphics cards is better?

Radeon HD 4870 or Radeon HD 5770? for online games and after effects

which one you guys recommend to me
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  1. They both perform the same, with the HD5770 being DX11, running cooler, using less power, and is, in general, a better card.
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    Overall the HD 4870 is slightly faster than the HD 5770. However, the HD 5770 consumes about 50% less watts than the HD 4870 and has DX11. Depending on how many watts your power supply provides, buying the HD 4870 may also mean you need to upgrade your power supply.

    Online games are generally not overly demanding since they generally tend to capture the largest number of gamers possible. After Effects? Don't know, I would say similar results.

    Based on the above, I would go with the HD 5770 which probably gives you 95% performance of the older HD 4870.
  3. ^^ yep, but if you're finding a 4870 for under $120, go for it.
  4. HD5770 is more future proof...
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  6. thanks you guys I'm getting the hd 5770 :)....... and i got a power supply of 450 watts------with a AMD athlon ll x4 3.1 ghz overclocked with a msi 785GTM-E45 motherboard so i dont have to buy a power supply if buy the HD 5770?
  7. Which 450W? In most cases, youll be fine.
  8. 5770 only pulls 75 watts or so..he's fine.
  9. thanks you guys, your info was very helpful.....
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