Disabling Hyperthreading on an i7 - increased performance?

For a server that will have a continuous 50%+ overall CPU usage by a single, multithreaded application (configurable number of threads), would HT be best on or off?
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  1. In ur case as you mentioned (CPU USAGE 50% by Single) its would be better to disable HT
  2. Depends on the loading of the cores, if its loading each core to 50% then i would leave it on, if its loading up four cores all the way and leaving 4 at ~10% i would turn it off so you know everything is going onto a physical core.
  3. HT exploits gaps and stalls in the integer execution pipelines. The more efficient your code is, or the higher the utilization of your server, the greater the likelihood that "cache thrashing" will result in lower performance.
  4. As mentioned I can configure the number of threads. If I set it to 4 then 4 cores will have a higher usage and the other 4 being ~idle. If I set it to 8 then all 8 cores will be at ~50%
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