How do I change my RAM speed

I just upgraded my Toshiba laptop with Kingston Hyper X RAM and it is running at a considerably low DRAM frequency than the new RAM says it will run. I know that you usually change these settings in BIOS, but my BIOS doesnt seem to have the option for me to do this. Is there another way for me to change these settings?
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  1. Most oem are locked and the ram will default to the cpu's default speed. Remember if you have dual channel, it's mhz x 2. So 400mhz dual channel is 800mhz.
  2. OK, that gives me a me a little more clarity. I seem to be running at 1066 mhz, which is definitely better than 533. So there is no way for me to change any of the settings? CPU-Z says it's running with 6-6-6 18 settings and my new RAM is capable of running at 9-9-9 27. Im thinking maybe I paid too much for some RAM that I cannot use to it's full potential.
  3. 6-6-6-18 is better than 9-9-9-27. Those numbers are latency, the lower the better.
  4. That's all good news to me then. You have been a great help. Thank you
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