CPU/Or something internal beep.

Hello everyone,

I have a new, self made computer, with an AMD Athlon x2 240 2.8 ghz processor, and a gigabyte motherboard.
Everything worked fine until a few days ago.
I was watching some super-HD video on youtube, when my internal speaker (or not? i disabled it in Regedit) started beeping in a semi-continuous manner. The beeping ceased as i closed the video, and CPU became less stressed. Same thing happened again, while playing some computer game.
I used everest to get to the root of this. It gave me three distinct temperatures - CPU Temp, CPU #1 Temp, and CPU #2 temp. While the individual temperatures of the cores are normal, the first temperature listed is abnormally high - 90 - 100.

I also stressed my CPU, and the beeping sound returned, most notably when stressing the cache.
Does anyone of your know what this means?
BTW: The beeping starts immediately when stressing the cache, in 1-2 secs or so, before temp build.
Thank you. http://www3.picturepush.com/photo/a/4556956/640/4556956.jpghttp://www2.picturepush.com/photo/a/4556965/640/4556965.jpg\" class=\"img lazy\">" class="img lazy">http://www5.picturepush.com/photo/a/4556973/640/4556973.png" class="img lazy">
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  1. Update: i have disabled BEEP from Device Manager, and it still ...well..beeps.
    This is really wierd.
  2. Try to reapply thermal paste..
  3. you need to resolve you cooling, or lack there of, issue. You are running way too hot. The beep you hear is the motherboard warning beep which can only be shut off in the bios. I do not recommend you shut it off. if you resolve the cooling problem, the Beep will take care of itself.
  4. The problem is, the processor itself is not hot, as you can see from the images.
    I stays at a normal temperature. So no thermal paste here.
    Also, i've read around the internet that TMPIN2 readings are wrong.
    BTW, i have a stock PSU, could this be an issue?

    And my biggest question is: If the processor stays at a normal temperature, why does the beeping start immediately when stressing the cache in Everest?
    Really, i'm more confused whether the mobo or my processor have issues.
  5. it is hot..The is beeping alerting you..
  6. Yes, but i must repeat myself - since the readings are normal for the processor, but abnormal for the motherboard, which one of them is running hot, considering the CPU cache stress test?
    What i am trying to find out is the reason for this abnormality - the CPU readings being OK, whilst the beeping immediately putting up when stressing the cache.
  7. Everest is reporting CPU temperature of 85 C. 85 C is not normal.
  8. what motherboard are you using. in addition to re-seating the cpu cooler, and re-applying TIM. I would check to see that your north bridge and southbridge coolers have not somehow become loose. additionally your system may benefit from the addition of some mosfet coolers.....

    additionally how many fans do you have setup in the system....
  9. Ok, recapping.
    My mobo is ga-ma78lmt-s2.
    Yes, everest does report 85*C, but CPUID reports that temperature (85) under the TMPIN2 sensor.
    I am sorry, but almost no one has so far thoroughly answered to my specific question !
    There is a discrepancy between what CPUID reports, what Everest reports, etc, as i have previously stated.
  10. Update: I think i figured it out.
    Everest's CPU temperature is bogus. The REAL CPU temp is CPUID's TMPIN1.
    I deducted this by observing that the beep turns on when TMPIN1 surpasses 60*C, the alarm limit within the Bios.

    Ok, so long story short, my CPU does overheat. But also, Everest displays a near-constant fan speed. It does not highen itself to 4000 RPM or so when the CPU gets it, it says stuck to ~3200-3300 RPM.

    Given this new piece of information, should i buy a new fan, or new thermal paste? Or is my question senseless?

    Thank you for all the help till now.
  11. Definetly get some new thermal paste and re-seat that cpu cooler. make sure you dont use to much or to little of the paste.... here is a link for an idea on how to put it on.

    make sure you get the cpu chip and the heatsink cleaned up nicely with a lint free rag soaked in isopropyl alcohol.


    try that first, hopefully that will give you a huge improvement.

    if that does not cure things completely you always have the option to purchase an aftermarket cooler and put it in to get much cooler temps. Something like a cooler master tx-3 would do the ticket nicely without to much expense.

    on a side note your motherboard does not have any heatsink on its voltage regulation chips (mosfet chips) it would not be a bad idea to pick up some mosfet coolers and throw them on there while your in there.
  12. Thank you very much for the info, what about my current cpu cooler, should i worry due to its 3200 RPM upper limit ?
  13. Are you worried that it is running at 3200rpm! or that it is not going faster that 3200rpm?

    3200rpm is considered pretty fast and most people will not use a fan that fast due to the excessive noise they make at those speeds. Mostly the upper limit for accepitble noise for a 120mm fan would be 2000-2500rpm and that going to be loud. But opinions of loudness and what is accepable vary every person you speak with across all fan sizes.
  14. I agree with thechief73, more than likely your current fan is running at its maximum setting as its trying to cool things down but it cant. you probably actually have a 80 or 90mm fan on the stock cpu cooler right now.

    I would clean and re-seat everything first and see what kind of temps your getting with some good TIM on there. if its still acting silly then you can always pick up an aftermarket cooler.
  15. Thanks guys, i will try these.
    By re-seating the cooler, you mean picking it up, aplying thermal paste, and putting it back, no ? (juust checking).
    (i know some of my questions are ridiculous, but i'm not a hardware guy)
  16. here's a quick vid showing how to go about installing the heat sink on an AMD system. make sure that the heat sink clips are on both sides and that you thouroughly clean the heat sink and the chip beforehand. then make sure to put on a bit of TIM.


  17. BTW (hopefully the last one): Is there ANY chance the heat is coming solely due to the fact that i haven't cleaned the computer of dust for 4 months, aka since i bought it ? (like a friend suggested to me?)
    I should also mention that i bought the computer part-by-part. The stock cooler had thermal paste pre-applied.
  18. I would amazed if enough dust accumulation has occurred in 4 months to cause such a high temp.... I guess if you have it in extremely dusty area it possible... but i doubt it... it would have to look something like this inside.


    lol... with that said, it wont hurt to blow things out with some canned air while your in there... :P make sure that you remove the pre applied thermal paste and apply new TIM to the cpu when you reseat the cooler..
  19. Alright everyone, my Arctic Silver Ceramique is arriving tommorow, though a VERY odd thing going on is that the processor is no longer overheating (Nonetheless, will apply the paste...). I have virtually thrown everything Everest has onto it, and it stood around 60-65 * C on full load...weird huh?
    Still, aftermarket paste will do a lot.
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