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i have to admit i dont know alot about pc's. i am currently looking at gtx 260 and in the description it sais memory: ddr3. my ram is ddr2, does this mean i cant use the gtx 260 because its ddr3. also would this psu handle gtx 260 sli.

Coolermaster RealPower 700W Modular PSU

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  1. Graphics memory and system memory are seperate and have no bearing on each other. I have DDR2 RAM and GDDR5 on my graphics card.

    That power supply is fine for a GTX260 SLI setup.
  2. thanks thats great news. also does a duel core prosessor require more power than a quad also i will be doing alot of gaming and do you think i need to upgrade my 2gb ram. thanks
  3. A quad core CPU generally uses more power than a dual.

    If you have a 64 bit OS then yes I would upgrade to 4GB for sure. Even if you have a 32bit OS 4GB will be better even though only 3.25GB will be used.
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