First gaming system? help appreciated

Hey guys. I'm 15 and have been saving up a year or so. So far managed to scrape together £700, (soon to be £900 when i sell this pc to a friend) and am looking to buy a gaming pc.
I've been looking at a couple and so far I think price-wise these are the best I'm really going to find. I will post the links below.
I would choose the 5850 and windows 7 home premium with this one.
I would choose the GTX470 and windows 7 home premium with this one.

OR i could have the first build with a GTX470 as well..
So basically i'm trying to choose between a heavily oc'ed core i3 (4.2ghz) and an AMD Athlon II X4 635 (2.9ghz)
and along with that, between a 5850 and a gtx470.
The main thing this pc will be used for is gaming on games like counter strike: source, MW2 and left for dead 2. Any advice would be really greatly appreciated.
I gotta go to work now but i'll be back in about 6 hours so i'll check back here then.
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  1. At what resolution are you playing? Have you looked at the GTX 460 benchmarks (here)? The few dollars saved could go toward getting an i5-760 instead (here).
  2. +1 for the first one with a HD 5850. The PSU is probably Cooler Master Extreme Power not "Corsair Extreme". On both rigs the mobos are quite cheap.
  3. I would encourage you to build your own. ^1 to Zenthar recommendations.

    Go with GTX 460 1GB - wait until the new Intel CPUs prices filter down to the retailers.

    As far as motherboards go, I strongly prefer (and therefore recommend) EVGA for their exceptional performance as well as superb customer/tech support. X58 if possible.

    PSU ---> Corsair 650 Watts or higher.

    RAM - Corsair 6GB of DDR3 (matched)

    Win7 64-bit OS (review the differences between OEM and Retail before you commit).

    Case - Cooler Master (pick the one you like).

    CPU Cooler - CM Hyper 212 (good value)

    Take your time, do your research, and then put your money down on the right horse!
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