Which motherboard is best for amd phenom x4

ihave nvidia 9400 grafic card with 1 gb /amd phenom x4 /2gb ram asus /m2n68 motherboard/ 250gb ddr/but games are not working properly iam thinking that my motherbord is not using th procsser full. please help in this matter
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  1. Need a budget, case size (micro-atx or full size atx), and whether you want to change to ddr3, which would give you more options. DDR2 boards are starting to dry up at some venders.
  2. Games may not be "working properly" because your 9400 may not be enough to play them. Is your CPU a Phenom I (e.g. 9850, 9950) or a Phenom II (e.g. 720BE, 955BE)? Please provide your full system specs, and also tell us what games you want to play.
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