I just bought a Sen HD 555 (70 bucks, woo) to replace my Steel 5H. I was thinking about getting a 7H, but then I found Corsair's new HS1NA headset and had second thoughts.

Anyways, when I get these new headphones, which I hope sound great, I'll be short a microphone =(. I'm kind of picky when it comes to quality, so I'm looking for a mic that'll sound absolutely flawless in Vent but wont hit me with a big bill.

There doesn't seem to be too many choices out there, meaning I can spend 5-15 dollars on a desktop mic, or step it up to the 100+ dollar professional grade mics. As much as I do want one of these professional mics, I'm not going to spend that much money just to sound really good in vent. But I also don't want to get a 5 dollar plastic piece of garbage that'll fall over on top heavy self.

This person here did a review on the Samson C01U, and that to me sounds amazing. Is there anything in the 20-35ish dollar range that will sound this good? Or will I have to buy this cheesy USB logitech fugly thing.
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  1. Hello, and welcome to the Forum.


    Is this good?
  2. Thanks for the reply, I gave up on the thread after a day or so.

    I forgot to specify I didn't want a USB mic, and the one you linked me is an entire headset, I just needed a microphone.

    Fortunately I did find one that turns out to be quite good, the Zalman attachy mic. Definitely recommend it to anyone in my situation (not C01U quality, but very good). Thanks for the help anyways.
  3. Sure.
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