GTX260 + 460w psu

I am planning to buy a ASUS GTX260 matrix.

My PC specs at the moment

Core 2 duo 2.33ghz E6550 4mb cache
4gb ddr2-800 ram
8800GT asus 512mb ddr3
2 x 80 gb seagate harddrives
G41 motherboard
PSU: Gigabyte Superb 460W

Do you think I will be able to run the gtx260 on the 460w PSU. Not like i have the biggest mobo and cpu.

Any advice would be helpfull thanks
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  1. It would be pushing it trying to run GTX260 on that PSU. It is actually rated 400watt continuous load and 460 watt peak, with 2 x +12 volt rails at 14amps and 15amps.
  2. i wouldnt go for a gtx 260 if i was you the hd 5770 is a better buy now, it has dx 11 support so it would be more future proof and it draws less power than the gtx 260 and they perform on par
  3. A GTX260 needs about 10 - 12 amps. A 5770 needs 7 to 8 amps.

    In addition to being a more advanced part, the 5770 is a better choice for your PSU.
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