No signal to my monitor while trying to set up a new graphics card

While I was trying to install my new graphics card (ATI Radeon HD 5750) onto my old dinosaur of a computer (HP m7570), I followed the instructions step by step as follows:

1. I disabled my onboard graphics
2. I turned it off, put the graphics card in the PCIe slot and plugged in the power
3. I plugged my monitor into the graphics card by using the included DVI to VGA adaptor.

But when I turned on my computer again, the monitor was black. I think the problem stems from either my old motherboard, which only had a PCIe 1.0 slot while the graphics card is a 2.1, the adaptor might not be working as it should be, or maybe something else. I know it's not the power supply since I bought a new one (650, more than the recommended 450).
What could be the problem? I'm not a professional, so any help or input is appreciated.
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  1. The card should work fine in the PCI-E 1.0 slot,because PCI-E 2.0 is backward compatbile with it.
    Can you test the card in another system ?
  2. No, sadly I only have one PC to test it on
    And this is my first time to install a graphics card, so I wouldn't know how things should go anyways...
  3. Many issues when people try to running 2.1 cards on 1.0 motherboard...
    Still on warranty? Or send it back and get 2.0 version?
  4. The card is still fresh on warranty, but the motherboard is way past it.
    Either way, I just want to make the two of them work together.
  5. You can RMA it and tell them to test it on their system,this way you can be sure that either your VGA is defective or your motherboard is faulty.
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