What kind of video card can i run on this psu?

Its a 240watt psu here are the specs plz give me some options on what i can run on it here they are +5.06v17a +3.33v15 +12v7.5a +12vcpu 11.5a -12v 0.15a +5.06vaux 3a.
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  1. Best case you have 19A on the 12V rail, thats not very much at all. On your current PSU i wouldnt do anything higher than a 5670, if you arent gaming even something like a 5570 will be enough and even lower power.

    Is it a normal sized PSU? You could replace it with the 400CX from corsair if it is, or if its a long skinny TFX unit you can replace it with the 300W unit from Seasonic and it will give you a lot more power to work with.
  2. I wouldn't go anything beyond the HD 5570. While thew HD 5670 does not use much watts compared to other video cards, a 240w PSU is a bit too weak in my opinion.

    It will mostly run, but you will be placing a larger load on a low power PSU which mean the PSU's longevity will be shortened.
  3. not a normal size psu its in an hp dc7900s sff an right im running a xfx ati 4350 so would a 5570 or a 5670 a stronger video card an i am doing gaming right now on my 4350 an i can play arma 2 operation arrowhead on normal an low on two other settings. so should i go with a 5570 just to be safe an not stress my psu?
  4. Also what are some nvidia cards i could run?
  5. Yeah, its always best to stay on the safe side with PSUs, if they go you can lose the system. A 5570 will be a significant step up from the 4350.

    nVidia has very few cards that are low enough power to stay in the safe range for you, the 5570 is only such low power because it is made on 40nm instead of 55 or 65nm, the 5570 is good for its power level, i dont know of any nVidia cards over a G 210 that i would suggest for that PSU.
  6. thanks for the help also i was wanting to upgrade my sound card from my onboard sound so do yall have eny suggestions on what i should get just send me some links if you dont mind thankyou.
  7. Is your onboard that bad? I had a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE in my old p4 system that i upgraded from, its cheap but its also no better in quality than came with my new ASUS board. If your sound quality is bad enough that its bothering you then you can pick one of them up from newegg for $25 today, its not too good but its not horrible either.
  8. does it matter which company i buy the 5570 from cause i know the clock the cards differently or does that matter? and does it matter if its passive cooling or fan cooling?
  9. That startech one isnt going to be too good, but since you need low profile its probably about as good as you can get.

    As for the 5570, it doesnt really matter who you buy it from since you arent going to need higher end components and cooler to give you a great OC, but i would still stay clear of powercooler and go for the cheapest low profile one. I wouldnt get one with passive cooling, it requires your case have good airflow to keep it cool, something prebuilts are not known for, the active cooling fan shouldnt be loud enough to matter.
  10. What does powercooler not make reliable card or what? also here is an nother sound card low profile tell me what you think an d thankyou for the advice you gave me ? http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4837442&CatId=2769
  11. That Auzentech would be a good low profile card for you.

    Power cooler isnt one of the best ones, i havent seen them ever make a high end card with a nice cooler, they are just your basic level card. For the 5570, newegg has a low profile ready HIS 5570 for the least after shipping, and it also has a $10 MIR.
  12. The brand is actually PowerColor not PowerCooler and I have read some decent reviews on other sites. I just ordered a PC 5570 to replace a Diamond 3450 for my AMD 240 CPU Coolermaster Elite 350 PS system. I'll let you know how it works out. Thanks
  13. Sorry it's a Diamond 4350 - when I'm correcting a misspelling I need to have my own ducks in a row. Thanks again and I'll let you know how the PC 5570 works out. :ange:
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