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Is it a bad idea to mix different brands of memory and different size of memory if they are all the same type (DDR3 1333MHz 10600)
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  1. If the timings and ram voltage are the same, then you should be ok, but there's no guarantees. If you populate all 4 slots, then the board bios settings may also come into play. You'll just have to try it.
  2. its also worth noting that different branded RAM modules may in fact be using the same RAM chips. So in effect Brand maybe a lot closer in specification to Brand B that is otherwise evident.
  3. It's OK to have one set/bank of DIMMs from one manufacturer and another set/bank from another manufacturer, but I'd avoid having one DIMM from one brand, one DIMM from another.

    Bear in mind that there is more than just speed to worry about - there are all the timings to worry about, and all the DIMMs in a bank have to run at the same timings.
  4. Thanks guys.
    I have Kingstone valueram 2Gb Dimms ECC REG that are using Hynix chips
    I was thinking about buying Hynix 8Gb Dimms.
    Is it something that might burn my motherboard or destroy the memory Dimms if I give it a try to see they work together? I really want to keep some my 2Gb Dimms instead of throwing them away...
  5. I suggest you try selling your old ram or keep them for spares. Use just the 8 gb pair; it's plenty.
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  7. Thanks guys!
  8. Hi everybody,

    I just added 2 8Gb dimms and this was the setup that read all memories:
    each CPU has 6 memory slots.

    CPU 2 CPU 1 color
    8 2 black
    2 2 blue
    8 2 black
    2 2 blue
    - - black
    - - blue

    Is this fine?
    The memories are still being run at 1066GHz instead of 1333GHz and I don't understand why. Also the bridge speed is 5Gb instead of 6Gb (which is the maximum speed of these memories). I understood that my CPU needs to be upgraded to run the memory bridge at 6Gb

  9. Completely stranded on this, tried searching brands but had a hard time coming up with an answer, In my PC i have 2 x 2gb OCZ reaper ram sticks but took the ram from a dead comp and found two sticks of 1gb ram.
    One being an Apacer, all i can see is on the chips are:
    0608 2
    MT 46v64MB
    TG -5B D

    And the other is a Samsung:
    SAMSUNG 534
    H51 8 CMG095A7

    Is it still worth the try? The 4gbs i have now may not be much but it's powerful, also expansive. Just wondering if can slap 2 more Gbs in without causing problems were their is a significant difference in quality/price/appearance.
  10. Hey guys just ran into the freaking $60 price jump in ram kits now and I cant afford more corsair vengeance RAM is it bad if I put in some G-skill ripjaws? same cas latency timings and DDR3 ratings?
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