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I have a 3Tb seagate hdd, and i mainly want to use it for storage.. but it shows up in as 8.00Gb Healthy, 2040.00 unallocate, 746.56 unallocated.. i want to use at the most majority of the 3tb but i cant change it, can any one help... the convert to gpt is greyed, and the only thing that is available is to make the 2040.00 a simple volume, when i try to right click the 746.56 eveything is greyed.. when i did make it a simple volume i still dont have the option of using all of my space..
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  1. oh yeah i have an asus p8z77-v Deluxe.. i have a samsung 830 ssd as the boot drive and another intel 330 ssd as just there... i havent update the bios or any of the chipsets.. but i am getting to it today hopefully..
  2. got it fixed had to use the disk unocker and it gave me about 746 or some of the gb space to use as a separate partition.. tje main one is showing up as 1.99TB well as long as i have something
  3. are you formatting it using GPT ?
  4. i dont remember the steps that i took off hand...i used disk unlocker and that allowed me to use all about 2.7 tb of it.. it made the 3tb into a 1.99tb and a 744.42 gb
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