Which 480 is best?

I'm planning on getting a 480 or 5970 for my new computer. Trying to find out which is the best of each card before the final choice!!

So far this looks like the top of the line:

Thanks for your input
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    Go for the Zotac GTX 480 Amp! Edition - it runs a lot cooler, as in 20°C or more compared to nVidia's reference cooler (~50°C 3DMark, peak temperature) - the Zotac Amp! has a triple slot Zalman VF3000 cooler which may make SLI a bit more difficult depending on your board.

    Costs the same as the EVGA after rebate - the Zotac has a limited lifetime warranty just like EVGA's, and just like EVGA you need to sign up and register the product within 30 days otherwise it'll only be a two year warranty.
  2. HD5970 is good for a long term...
  3. Definitely get a EVGA card, the Superclocked + is the one to get, includes the high flow bracket and the backplate.

    And 5970 is NOT good for longterm. Dual cards are just about always terrible and a waste of money, and you're already limiting yourself as far as future upgrades go. I wouldn't CF 2 5970s, cause they scale terribly, the the 480s in SLI are beast machines.
  4. I would wait to see what Nvidia come up with next, after the horrible 480 and 470 and 465 they made the awesome 460...if they make a 475 or 485 with similar design you will be in for a winner.

    In fact, judging by the 460 being better than the 465, I would not be surprised if a 475 came out cheaper than the 480 and performing close to it whilst being cooler and more efficient
  5. zotac amp 480 is the highest overclocked and its the coolest runing temp one out there

    watch this the amp fans at like 40% cool better i mean WAY BETTER than stock fans at 80% and zotac fans at 80% or super quiet.

    but if you only want one then 2 460s at like 250 or cheaper blow the 480 away for the same price review is on toms home page.
  6. hmmmm so many choices! Once again Lmeow's got it dead on.
    Not sure I want to spend the 1k on two of these Zotacs though. Seems like 500 for 2 460s and waiting for the next best thing to come out would be best...
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