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My new computer is running slow. I have just built a new system and it can even surf the internet fast. it always stalls and takes really long to open a page and to even open the browser takes time. The computer is alittle hot:could this affect its performance. if not why is it doing this and what can i do ?Specs:bfg gts 250. intel pentium d dual core processor 2.66ghz, 230gb hd 600w psu, asus 75o1 sli motherboard, two gigs ram
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  1. Heat could affect performance if it is getting too hot and throttling itself down. How do you know it is getting hot? What are you using to monitor temps? Hardware monitor is great for monitoring system temps. After checking temps I would run Memtest86 to check the memory.
  2. Speedfan is another good option for monitoring temperature, among other things. If you truly are running too hot, then add a fan, or do something else to improve your airflow.

    If that's no help, then more RAM never hurts.

    What browser are you using? Tom's Hardware recently had a roundup of all the major browsers, and maybe you are using a slower one.
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