Killer 2100 Gaming Network Card - My Video Review

let me know what you guys think
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  1. that's why i don't buy those gaming network card :D nice video review btw. Some people don't care about performance , they buy those killer to show off their friends.
  2. what addon are you using for WoW, the one show fps, ms and armor %?
  3. LUI with a little touch of my loving
  4. What is your ISP and your Download/Upload speed?
    Also your Blackops 90-91fps is inaccurate. All COD's since the dawn of the games default limit fps to 85fps, but it sits at 90-91 and never goes over. IF you unlock the limit the fps can get way higher.
    /com_maxfps 1000
    ^Type that and it will unlock the limit in console. While the limit is on, even if you have 4 GTX580's it will still sit at 90fps.
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