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Pentium 4 is awesome

i just got an i5 760 at 2.8gz n my friend he got a pent 4 at 3.2 gz im so jealous but he says mine is better so my question is which one is better? n how much better is his than mine should i upgrade to pent 4 im sick n tired of him bragging at me
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  1. PIV and i5 760? Hahahahahahaha....
    No one is allowed to answer this kinda question!
    hushh husshhhh....not a single word!
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    lol your i5 slaughters your friends cpu hahahahaha
  3. oh ok cool thnx but the pent 4 looks so cool
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  5. Pentium IV is about 10 years old or perhaps older, if I remember it correctly, it belongs in the museum no in PCs anymore.

    i5 vs PIV....
  6. Ich lach mich tot!
    noch mal...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....
  7. oh anyway u suck i love pentium 4's
  8. ^ Granny got attitude !!! Wow I like.

    OMG where am I??????

    Flying squirrels!!! H-E-L-P

    I see Dead People - - - - -

    Ten Thousand Blistering Barnacles

    OH! No - I think all that acid is getting to me.
  9. Is getting?
  10. Wtf, seriously? Does your friend say that his P4 is better than an i5... Just because his got 3.2 ghz. Seriously, the ***? Your i5 may only seem to have 2.8 ghz because it have 2.8 ghz per core. The P4 is a single core CPU, yours is a 4 core cpu (sorry if it's dual core, i5 can have either and i'm too lazy to check which). This means that his P4 got 3.2 ghz and yours approximately have 2.8x4=11.2 but svar i've heard some of the ghz is post on a multi core CPU so let's say about 10. Now go brag to your friend!

    And keep in mind, P4 sux nowadays and it is not nor whill it ever again be cool.
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