How far to put computer from wall?

OK. In terms of proper ventilation, how much space should I give each side of the PC (from the wall)?
I have a HP Pavillion m7750n Media Center PC (desktop) with a A8M2N-LA (NodusM3), with stock cooling

Also, I know that the back and side with all the holes need the most space, but what about the side that doesnt have any holes and the front? (see below)

Side with holes:

Side without:

Currently, I have 40 cm from the back of the case to the wall, 20 cm from the side of the case with holes to wall, and 5 cm from the side without holes to my printer.

Thanks =)
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  1. Thats plenty of space, i usually only have 4 inches ~10cm between the back of my PC and the wall, since its going into a wide open area you dont have to worry too much about pressure, the totally vented side of the case probably only needs ~5cm, that should be plenty of space for it.
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