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Hi my name is david and i have just recentrly bought a new computer...

i am using the antec sig 650w psu and i have a question in running sli 460's... I just want to know that using a 8pin pci-e plus just an ordinary 4pin will that be able to be used in the two 6pin connectors i need? i am running out of slots to add a 6pin pci-e as it says you should only connect them to the red slots on the psu and i only have one red slot.. So my question is do i need to get one more 6pin molex adapter for my psu or can i run the pci-e 8pin and a 4pin power which are sticking out of my psu straight into it saving another pci-e for the second card?

thanks Dave
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  1. No you cannot do what you are suggesting.

    You will need to get another molex 6 pin adapter for your setup. The 4 pin plugs are for CPU's, not video cards (unless someone can correct me otherwise, but I think I'm right).
  2. by four pin do you mean the molex connection? boris is correct if you are talking about the 4-pin CPU power connector.

    your PSU should have 2x 6-pin connections. each GTX 460 comes with two 6-pin adapters that plug into two 4-pin molex connections, giving you four total.

    I would run one 6-pin connector from your PSU to each card, then use one adapter for the remaining power connector to each card. this would use a lot of your molex connections, you may need to purchase 1-2 splitters depending on your set up.
  3. Thanks, that answers my question perfectly... I had a look and you were right with the 2 power molex connectors, so i shall use two from the psu and the 2 from power for each card.

    Thanks again!
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