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I have a Vertex 4 256gb that I have been running windows 7 on for seven months now. I decided to update the firmware but it was going to be a destructive flash. So I used a usb boot tool and secure erased the drive and then updated the firmware to the latest version. I installed windows again and everything seemed fine. I then installed the chipset drivers, Lan drivers, and audio drivers. I then downloaded the first set of windows updates. After restarting the machine it boots all the way to the windows logo screen, that flashes for a split second and then instead of going to the login screen, the screen just goes black and I have to do a manual restart. I tried windows repair, I tried powering down completely, and I tried reinstalling windows again. The second time I reinstalled it, it again seemed to work fine, so i downloaded my graphics drivers first and did a restart, but again on restart it would only make it to the logo screen and then just go black. Could it have anything to do with having other drives connected when I installed windows on the ssd? Thanks for any help.
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  1. As long as the install of Windows went onto the SSD it shouldn't matter that there are other drives , but you can always disconnect them untill you get the OS working right.
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