Intel Core i7 720QM with 8mb of L3 cache?

I noticed something odd recently in regards to the Intel Core i7 720QM. When I used the program Astra32 to get a better in depth look at my hardware, the thing that stood out odd was that Astra32 showed 8mb of L3 cache instead of 6mb of L3 cache like the intel spec sheet showed on its website. If these chips do indeed have 8mb of L3 cache, like Astra32 recognizes it to have, than i'm wondering what's the reason for Intel disabling 2mb of L3 cache on these chips. The only two reasons I can come up with behind the 2mb of L3 cache being disabled, is that either the 2mb of L3 cache is defective or just simply turned off to fill in the price/performance gap.
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  1. Please post specs for the Chipset and screen shots for the Software.
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