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Will I need more than 8GB DDR3 1600 to play BF3 at Max settings?
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  1. No. You'll need a good monitor and video card.
  2. You dont need 8GB to play it well but also what o1die said and also you need at least 4GB... The game is ganna be taking up to "almost" 1GB(One RAM+VideoCard) or more but shouldn't reach 2GB and you need 4GB System RAM+1.5GB/2GB VideoCard RAM(Fast one too Like GTx 560/570/580)... Just get a videocard with higher than 1GB than your good...
  3. In case you were wondering, this page from the BF3 Blog has expected system requirements:
  4. Recommended:

    Windows Vista/7 64bit
    4GB RAM
    DirectX 11 Video Card
    Quad-core CPU
  5. So you'll be fine with 8GB if that's what you were originally planning to get.
  6. He's probably gone, he just post and ran off? he haven't replied and yet we still answer XD LOL... Will 1800MHz 8GB RAM+1.5GB VideoRAM+QuadCoreCPU=Dominated
  7. Lol yeah that's what it seems. He'll be back eventually :P
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