Using Radeon 4850 but dxdiag says 4200

I currently bought a new motherboard and processor and I reinstalled all my drivers. I have been very specific that I download the 4850 driver.

I have PEG enabled in my BIOS under init display first. I am very confused with all my work, drivers, fiddling, reading and taking suggestions that nothing is successful from making my DXDIAG recognize that my Card is a 4850 and not a 4200 series.

Some specs

Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H
AMD Phemtom II 1055T Processor (6CPU) 2.8ghz
8gigs of 800mhz ram

I have a Radeon 4850, the DXDIAG though is saying 4200 still for some reason
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  1. i had it happen with an 8500gt i had couldnt change it until i bought a new card or motherboard
  2. Try disabling the onboard VGA(HD 4200) in the BIOS and check if it recognizes your 4850.
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