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First I will give you the specs of my new computer:

CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 635 @ 2.9
MOBO: Asus M4A785TD-M Evo
HD: Seagate 80 gig 7200
Ram: 2 x 1 GB Kingston Corsair HyperX ddr3
VC: Zotac nvidia 9500 GT
OS: MSW 7 Home
Monitor: Samsung .. old huge dinosaur
Mouse: Logitech mx518 gaming
Headset: Plantronics Gamecon 377

My Problems:

My biggest problem since the new build is my mouse... I keep getting the hardware removal sound and every once in a while the plugin sound and it makes my mouse freeze. It is not on a pattern at all it is all by random. I never had the problem with my old computer.

My headset also sometimes almost sounds broken in one ear but if i shake them around, lol, they will start working fine again. Not sure what it is put some people's mic causes it to happen.

My other questions are simple, should I try to overclock my system, especially the video card? I play cs 1.6 and everything seems to be dark, i can see through 1 smoke but thats about it. I still get a lot of choke at times and my ping to servers has gone up significantly. I live in Indianapolis and I use to ping low 20 to chicago and it is now 40. My ping has went up about 20 - 30 m/s to every other server location. I need some suggestions!
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  1. did you upgrade to 64bit Os or is it still 32bit?

    are all your drivers up to date? (especially for mouse,sound etc)
    My main concerns at the moment are
    Your Hdd size
    your ram amount
    your graphics card
    I wouldn't even look at overclocking the rig until you can upgrade those components imo
    The headphone issue seems like a loose wire to me or a bad connection,
    can you swap them out for a known good unit?
    and I dont play counterstrike but you might want to double check/adjust your graphics settings a little until you can get a new card,might help you a bit but not sure how much,
    Hope this helps,
  2. I got the 64bit.

    All drivers are up to date
    I am working on new hardware but money is a little bit of an issue.
    As for the hd I still have over 50 gigs left of unused space.
    Should I find a driver for my sound or what?
    What about oc the video card? It comes with firestorm
  3. Did you upgrade to 64bit from 32?

    64bit O/s's take a bit more resources than 32bit so what was fine on 32 may not be as shiny on a 64bit
    you should have up to date sound drivers and I repeat, dont bother clocking anything until you sort out at least ram first
  4. Its a new computer. All I did was use my old HD. Everything else is new. The hd was wiped clean then installed a clean copy of w7
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    My first suggestiion is to dump Setpoint if you're using that for mouse driver.
    You don't need it the MX-518 will still do on the fly without it.
    I haven't used Setpoint in 4-5 yrs and still own on DOD.
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