Advice on High-End AMD Gaming PC

Processor: AMD 1090T - $300

Motherboard: MSI 890FXA - $200

RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws 4GB DDR3 (or Corsair XMS3?) - $100

Graphics Card: SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 5870 (Cypress XT) 2GB 256-bit GDDR5- $300 (I got a source, maybe looking to Crossfire in future?)

Hard Drive: WD Caviar Black 640GB 7200RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s - $70

SSD: $150 max????

Case: HAF 932 - $140

Power Supply: 850W - 1000W PSU - $175 max (for CrossfireX in future)

DVD Burner: Regular Old Drive - $20

Maximum Price = $2000 CDN including Taxes ( so around $1750 )
Asking Price = Around 1500 - 1750 including taxes

Any advice on any of the parts would be appreciated, I am looking for a high end AMD gaming computer that will last me at least 2 years, and be able to max-out COD Black Ops.
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  1. Im not sure about your CPU choice. Its likely a Phenom IIx4 955/965 would give you the same performance for less money. Normally when you start talking high-gaming machines we move to a faster intel i5 760 or i7 930 system.

    Caviar black 640 is outdated. Get the much faster 1TB "FAEX" model (not FALS) with 500gb platters. Or get a Samsung F3 1TB.

    OCZ Vertex 2 SSD, make sure its the newer version that supports trim. Ideally you want 100GB or so. You might need to steal from the rest of your budget.

    Right now ncix has the Antec Earthwatts 750 PSU on sale at a great price, probably have higher models like TP850 on sale also.
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