Segate ST350418AS 500GB hddsk detects in BIOS but does not load OS or allow inst


I am newbie here in this forum. I need your help.

I am using ST350418AS 500 GB hard disk that gets detected in BIOS but does not load OS or allows installation of new OS. I tried installing Windows 7 and Windows XP, the setup could not load the available partitions and the OS installation crashed.

The hard disk was working perfectly fine. It was on dual partition Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04. However, Ubuntu 12.04 had display graphic related issue because of which it could not the homescreen of Ubuntu 12.04 and it showed black screen for long time. Since Ubuntu 12.04 had issues, I continued using WIndows 7. Things were working smoothly when suddenly hard disk could not load any OS.

Guys, the hard disk is loaded with dat and I do not want to lose them. I do not know how to troubleshoot this issue. Would you guys plz help me get it resolved.
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  1. Could you remove the drive and connect it to another computer (internally or as an external drive)? If you can do this you might be able to recover the data you need. Once you have recovered the needed files you could try formatting the Windows partition and then try to install Windows 7 or XP again. You might need to check the drive for errors as well with chkdsk or some other program.
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