How can I do this effectively?

Hey guys, I recently bought a Crucial M4 128GB SSD.
Now, I have several questions so please! bare with me. :ange:
I have been using it for games, and I think I have most of the games I'll ever put on there until something worthy comes out.

So, I have a windows 7 ultimate 64 BIT disk....
But I also have a 600GB hard drive with games, programs, compilers, visual basic, a desktop that is well organized, my web browsers of course, and steam.

I've moved programs like Skype over to my SSD, but that's really about it besides games.
How much space will windows 7 take up?
Can I still use my old desktop on my SSD?
As in, can I copy all those SHORTCUTS and put them on my desktop?

Is there anything I really need to know when using windows 7 on my SSD?
I don't know much about RAID and such, but I plan on getting a 256GB SSD.
Should I just two get two 128GB ssds and combine them with my current in RAID?

So basically my questions are:
How much space will windows 7 take up?
Can I still use my old desktop shortcuts on my new SSD, and not have to worry about moving programs over?
Is it safe to clone my registry to my SSD, so shortcuts to my OLD hard drive's programs still work effectively?
Is the 4-10GB really worth it, to have a faster OS?

My current specs are:
ASROCK 970 EXTREME 3 (mobo)
8GB RAM (DDR3@1600MHZ)
FX 6100 (@4GHZ)
Galaxy GTX 660
Crucial M4 128GB SSD
Antec 1100 (case).
My case only supports 2SSD slots, so I'll probably have to find a workaround for the third if I buy two more. (if it would be better than a 256GB)
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  1. Also, should I set my SATA mode to ACHI even though my SSD isn't my boot device?
    I tried ACHI without the SSD and my computer crashed when loading windows.
  2. If you do everything you should to windows 7 on an SSD, windows will be between 15 and 20 GB. You should in fact set your SATA mode to ACHI, but you can't till you re-install windows, because it got installed in a different mode.

    I'm confused what you mean about shortcuts... Do you just mean will you have to install programs again?

    No, you shouldn't RAID SSDs. No, you shouldn't just clone the drive. Yes it's absolutely worth it to have the OS on the SSD. It makes miles of difference.

    Most SSDs that aren't bare drives will come with a 2.5 to 3.5 bay adapter to mount them in a hard drive slot. SSDs, since they don't vibrate, can also go basically anywhere, as long as they're secure. And no, a 256 GB drive is better - an SSD increases in speed with size.

    That being said, here's what you need to do.

    1) Reinstall Windows to the SSD. Do this with your hard drive unattached and the SSD in ACHI mode. Then back up your hard drive to an external source, format the hard drive, and move all your files back. (but don't just restore the backup.)

    You will have to re-install your programs, but your files will all be in the same places.
    To install a program to a non-default directory, select 'custom' or 'advanced' install when it gives you the option.
  3. I haven't have windows on my SSD. I just my SSD for games right now.
    Basically, I am saying on my current OS (which is on my hard drive), I want to be able to run all my programs from my HDD and only put steam games on my SSD.

    I also said I was wondering if I could clone my REGISTRY so that there won't be any errors when running programs from my HDD.

    Basically what I want to do is install windows 7 on my SSD (which I have not).
    I want to then copy the shortcuts from my HDD onto my SSD's desktop (so I can run those programs off my HDD using my SSD as an OS).

    If it's not possible to put my shortcuts on my SSD so I can run old programs from my HDD, I probably won't switch my OS to an SSD for a while. (because I have hundreds of different programs, files, games, and thousands of movies/pictures.)

    Also, I've seen videos of SSDs in RAID, and apparently they work pretty well.
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