Mini HDMI to HDMI Adapter/Cable for GPU, Terminal Gender questions

Ok so I'm about to purchase a video card with DVI and mini HDMI.

I am currently using a LCD TV for my PC that just has a RGB connection on the back of it. So I'm using an old cable with a DVI adapter connected to my current video card.

This TV has plenty of HDMI ports on it so I'm looking at trying to connect it to the video card with mini HDMI. Is this possible or wise to do? And what is the deal with terminal gender? I'm looking at these mini HDMI to HDMI cables and adapters and I see all these different cominations of male to male, female to male, male to female. I don't know which one to use or if it matters. Also when I look at these mini hdmi cables/adapters, it just mentions under features that it hooks up to cameras or camcorders. Doesn't mention anything about video cards.

Would Mini hdmi to HDMI be the best way to set up my TV and Video card or should I look at HDMI to DVI? I'm guessing this RGB connection with a DVI adapter to connect to the video card isn't the best set up for your video card.

I tried googling and searching these forums for info about it but there doesn't seem to be an advanced search function and quotations for 2 word searches don't work. I just get thousands of results.
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  1. HDMI will definitely give you a great picture quality. Both plugs are female (the tv is female and the video card is female). So you need a male to femle mini-hdmi adapter to connect from your video card, and then an HDMI cable, male/male on each end, to connect your adapter to your TV.
  2. DVI and HDMI transmit the same signals, so no matter which route you go picture quality would be identical, the only difference is audio as I'm not sure Nvidia DVI connectors include audio or not.

    Either one of the below would work fine:
  3. Thanks guys. I did actually read about the DVI to HDMI option after creating this thread and pulled the trigger on that a couple hours after creating this thread. Then my power was out for about a day and wasn't able to post back. I was in a hurry to purchase this MSI 460 gtx because within a day I knew they would be sold out. Looks like I was right because they are gone on Newegg.

    Anyways, I got this cable on Newegg along with my video card.
    Probably paid a little too much, but I couldn't find one that had a clear picture of the DVI side with all the pins to it.

    It seemed like the best dual link option and I'm not even sure if I need Dual link or not. Most DVI just didn't look right in terms of not having all the pins on the end to plug into the video card.

    There does seem to be some talk of sound through DVI, but I'm not sure if it's true or how it's done.

    The more I read about mini HDMI, the more I thought you couldn't do mini HDMI to HDMI cable to plug in your video card to a monitor. I actually started to think after reading all the features of it being for camcorders and cameras that you just plugged those things into your video card to view videos and pictures on your monitor.

    So after reading Boris' comment, outlets (the places you plug into) are considered female and the cables or plugs that go into those outlets are considered male. How did I not get that. It's so obvious.
  4. Hey Timopp, I just wanted to thank you for this info - I had almost forgotten about Monoprice! :D
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