Ssd/hdd perfromance as os drive

I have a question

currently I have e green 1tb 7200rpm drive which I use as OS drive...
I'd like to start my youtube channel so I decided to go for an SSD to record.

Is it better if I have my OS, my game (bf3, cod,...) and the recording on the ssd at the same time or is it better if I have on my SSD the OS and the game running but the recording goes to the HDD?

It should be 1080p btw...
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  1. I'd do it like this:

    Put your OS on the SSD - this should always be done.

    Put the recording software on the SSD as well - it will benefit HUGELY.

    Don't bother putting the game on the SSD, as it won't help framerates. (Having the recording software on there WILL.)
  2. but if the hdd has to run the recording and the game at the same time, it you probably lag
  3. Unless all you do is play one game after another for 5 hours a day, games will be fine on HDD.
  4. I have time to play 2-3 games a day
  5. so you are saying ssd benefits only to os and not fps in games, beside faster load time?
    i wanted to buy a smaller ssd (64 or 128gb) and relocate games folder to ssd via steam mover app that uses junction on background.

    thank you
  6. it benefits also in fps, in some games more... like farcry or need for speed, it will benfit hugely
  7. It does not help with frames, it helps loading times that sometimes occur before level loads and sometimes when level needs to be updated (you walk into a new area). It helps with that.
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