No Sound after Upgrade

I completed upgrading my Dell XPS 720 from XPS Pro (32 bit) to Windows 7 Pro (64 bit). Before I did the upgrade, I ran the window advisor tool to check that my hardware and driver would work, and all passed. All went well with the only issue in that there is no sound. I have a SB-FI sound card. There was a newer driver for my sound card which I install with no issues.

I check Device Manger and no issues there. I check to see that my cables were pluged in and they were. The speaker setting isn't on Mute either. No sound issue before the upgrade either.

Any ideas what could be wrong?
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  1. Hi sms1295,

    I dont mean to insult you by this or anything just asking :) , were the drivers you used the win7 64-bit?
  2. They should have been. I ran the auto update tool at creative labs.
  3. Ok, If you sure everything is setup right, proper settings and installed correctly, and its not giving you any sound, to uninstall the card from the device manage and remove any SB sofware from your PC. You can use this: Guru3D - Driver Sweeper to ensure everything is removed.

    Then go to SB and download yourself the correct win7 64-bit drivers and manually install them. And see if that fixes it, I know it sounds like alot but shouldnt take long at all.

    BTW, what is the exact model just SB-Fi ? Not titanium, extream, or platinum?
  4. extreame music

    I did get the driver from the SB site to start with. I should start over?
  5. Well it was just a suggestion, I dont know where else to start but with the driver. And it isnt that hard to remove the current ones and re-install them to see if it fixes the problem.

    As for the driver download you mentioned you used the auto update tool, it is just a personal quirk of mine but I do not trust any auto driver updates to get the right drivers, I like to Dl them and install them myself.

    •Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic Driver:
  6. I don't have time this morning, but I'll remove the drive later today and post has it went.


  7. I uninstalled the SB driver and restarted my PC. When it booted up, I got a message the SB driver was installed, but still no sound. I went to the SB Audio contron panel and started looking through the setting. No luck there either. I then went to the window control panel and selected 'Manager Audio Devices'. I notice the speakers for SB was no my default, so I change that and there was sound.

    All the sound is working fine. Not sure what happen the first time. Thanks for suggesting to do the uninstall/reinstall.

    Thanks again,

  8. Hey not a problem, I am glad that you figured it out and have it working again. :)
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