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It is time to build a new computer and for the first time in several years I have decided to go with intel over amd. I have not kept up with intel over the years and it seems they currently have several different socket types out. I was very interested in the Core I7 875k because it is unlocked and noticed that it is socket 1156. I was wondering what the highest performing socket type is?

I intend to overclock this machine as far as it will go on a decent air setup and it will be used primarily for gaming. It seems to me that the extra pcie x16 on the 1366 would help out with gaming alot, however I am not planning on using more than two video cards (at least not at first). I have also read that the extra RAM channel increases performance very little.

Anyway my question is what would be better, a 1366 setup with a processor that is ~$300 (haven't looked into any yet). Or the 1156 setup with the 875k processor which I assume will overclock considerably better than the other.
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  1. I would go with the 1366 if you are going to take it to its limits. In the past there have been articles about the 1156 socket failing under extreme overclocks.
  2. you can get an i7 930 for $200 from micro center, right now i would rather go for an amd build though as socket lga 1156 and lga 1366 are dead in meaning they wont be making any more cpus for that socket, socket am3 however will support amds new bulldozer cpus that are coming out so at the moment if i was you i would go for an amd phenom II x4 955 and get an epic gpu or something, and no im not an amd fanboy, i have an i5 760 build myself but at this very moment i would rather go for amd because of socket am3s upgrade path
  3. 1366 is Intel's "performance" socket, so it's technically better than 1156.

    However, if you can suffer for another few months running whatever you've got right now, you should know that both AMD and Intel are on the verge of releasing new technology. Intel is scheduled to release socket 1155 in Q4 this year, and 1365 sometime next year. AMD is releasing new tech at some point next year as well, though it could be as late as Q3 or Q4. (Current AM3 motherboards may work with some of the new chips, but that's still not 100% certain.)

    Whether or not you want to be an early adopter of the new technology is up for you to decide. There will likely be price cuts on the current sockets once the new ones are released, while the newer tech will obviously have better performance.
  4. 1156 has higher turbos and lower TDP CPUs, so technically it will be faster and overclock better.
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