Ati 5750 psu seasonic S12II 520 Bronze

I just purchased a XFX ati radeon 5750 for my gateway. it's running a intel i3 processor, with 8gb of ram and a 1tb hard drive. This computer didn't come with a graphic card so i'm wanting to upgrade cause i'm graphic designer and i need to capiblities. I also have on order a Seasonic s12II 520 Bronze psu. after i ordered i started reading and i don't think that this psu will work it doesn't have 2- 6pin connectors. can someone help me out i know nothing about all of this. i usally by computers with video cards so this is all new to me.
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  1. Do you have a link? I find it hard to believe that a 520W PSU in this day and age wouldn't have the PCIe plugs. It might have one 6pin and one 8pin or 6+2pin plugs, but that's fine as well.
  2. im pretty sure the 5750 only needs 1 pcie connector. If it does need 2 you can always use a double adaptor.
  3. Ahh, good point on that as well. The 5750 is around an 80W part, so it does need only one PCIe plug. You'll be fine with that PSU.
  4. In the pic shown here there is no PCIe connector at all. Does it take all the power from the motherboard?

    And the Seasonic PSU the OP mentioned has a 6 pin connector.
  5. It is in the first pic, but you can't really see it because its black. Try this photo, scroll down just past half the page.
  6. ^^Thanks for the link! I see it now! :ouch:
  7. Take a look online for a low power/green version of not the 5750, but the 5770. I hear one is out or is coming.
  8. Thanks this really helps me out. Why does the system requirements for the card say that it needs two PCIe connectors when it only has one? and for crossfire it say to use 4?
  9. probably because the manufacturer of your card didnt edit that part out of the manual for this particular card.
  10. The TDP of even the 6770 is 120W? 130? If it gets 75W from the motherboard, you only need one 6 pin plug to provide the other 45-55W. There is no way the 5770 would have two plugs, as it would then be a 225W card.
  11. In any case this is a moot point the psu has 2 connectors according to this article
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