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Hey guys.,
I'm kind of lost here. My HDD, a four-year old Western Digital Caviar Black 640 gigs, SATA 2, and in the last days, I started getting checksum errors, and various read errors. I haven`t had problems with it until about now. I bought new parts to my PC, a ASRock 970 Pro 3, an AMD Phenom II 965 BE and a GTX 660 . I have a 4 year old 500W Akasa PaxPower so I should be fine with the PSU. When I installed the OS, I started having read errors from the "expanding files" stage in Windows 7 install. I had to try it 4 times to get it right. Then , after the install , I started having several read errors, several blue-screens and errors when I would use .iso files. Also , I get various checksum errors when checking with the .sfv files. Also , these errors appear on old files, not in the new only in the new ones. I don`t think it would be viruses. I did HDD checks in Windows and searched for bad sectors, also surface tests with different programs and found nothing bad. I`m at a loss. Any ideas? Is it a sign of the HDD failing ? Thanks.
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  1. Test it with WD's own diagnostic software which must be loaded from a bootable CD since it's not possible to properly test the OS drive using Windows-based testing software and it should never be attempted that way.

    Go here and download WD Data LifeGuard for DOS: http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?groupid=613&sid=2&lang=en

    The downloaded file will be an 'ISO' file (.iso). Create a CD from this file using IMGBurn: http://www.filehippo.com/download_imgburn/

    When you've made the CD, boot your PC from it and the diagnostic software will open after a minute or two.
    Select the drive to be tested, then test it with the long or extended test.
  2. I would also run an overnight standalone test on your system RAM.

    http://www.memtest86.com (memtest86)
    http://www.memtest.org (memtest86+)
  3. Thanks for the answers. I actually did the memtest about 2 hours after I started the thread and found about 200 000 errors with one of the two memory sticks. They're brand new so I'm returning them .
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