I need a short 5850 to fit in a super lanboy

I have a super lanboy case, it has about 260mm of space between the back of the case and the side on drive bays

I need a graphics card that will fit in this space, power connecters included (because the drive bays are side on, the power connectors can't just run into the drive bays.

does anyone know of any short 5850s, and/or ones that have the power connectors comming out the side( top) rather than out the back?

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  1. You might be better off with a GTX 460 because not only are they quite short (i think either the Palit or Zotac one is 9.5") but their power connectors are on the top of the PCB and not the right side. Mostly, the 5850's power connectors are on the right side of the PCB which adds another half an inch to the overall card length.
  2. I saw a gigabyte 5850 today, it had the power connectors on the top! so I think it would have fitted.


    I decided, case be damned, Ima getting a 5870 anyway! I'll take a hack saw to the case till it fits!
  3. 5850s are 9.5inches and require another inch for the power connector. You won't be finding any short 5850s out there.
  4. I got my 5870 and was surprised to see that it did infact fit in the case without having to cut into it. I did need to cut into it to get the power connectors in. but, seeing as how XFX list the 5870 as 11" and the 5850 as 9.5", and you only need an inch for the power connectors, it seems 5850s would have fit fine with no haxing.
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