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whats a good case :D
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  1. whats a good budget :D
  2. hmmm $80-90
  3. I kind of like the Antec 300. And there are several Coolermaster cases that fit your budget.
  4. Or Cooler Master HAF 922, Cooler Master Storm Scout (if you don't have a very big video card), LIAN LI Lancool PC-K58W. Look for reviews on the net, including YouTube.
  5. awesome dude thanx for the help the storm scout looks good but what are the pros and cons
  6. read the reviews on newegg for the pros and cons, here is a list of cases that are good each are at different prices but you can choose 1 that is the 1 that would be most suitable, the antec 300, the coolermaster 690II, the coolermaster haf 922, the storm scout, the antec 900 or 902 those are just a few good cases, most have good airflow and good cable management
  7. ahh ok cool dude what would u personally recomend what would u want for ur pc
  8. For $90, you can't beat the HAF 922. It's easily one of the best (if not THE best) cases on the market, regardless of price. Really, unless you absolutely can't stand how it looks, which is understandable, there is no reason to get anything else.

    The drawbacks to the Scout and the whole Storm series (I don't see many bonuses outside of the looks) are that it's small for it's price, offers lower performance than the competition (cooling and noise) and is overpriced.

    Here's my standard list of great cases, in rough budget order. Pick whichever one you like or fits your budget.

    Antec 200
    Coolermaster Elite
    Antec 300
    Coolermaster Centurion 5
    Antec 300 Illusion
    Coolermaster 690
    Coolermaster 690 II (depending on the price)
    HAF 922
    Antec 900/902
    Lian Li PC-K62 (usually cheaper with combos)
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    well i like the haf 922 it looks awesome and has good airflow and cable management, i think it looks awesome but it depends what you like and think looks better
  10. thankz dude the antec 902 seems to be quite nice but if i cant get the haf 922 il def go for the 902
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