13 MBPS connection cut down to 5 with router

Windows XP 32-bit, SP3

I've been using a wireless router, the Belkin F5D7231-4, to connect to my computer via ethernet and to my brother's laptop via wireless. I understand that wireless connections normally offer worse performance, but the router is plugged in through a cable to my own computer.

At a low-traffic time during the day, I reach 13.16 MBPS down/2.07 MBPS up when plugged directly from my modem to my computer. At the same time during the day, I get between 5 and 6 MBPS down/<2 MBPS up when plugged in through my router. I use Optimum Online in New York--the promised speed is 15 MBPS. 13 is not much worse, but 5 is not really acceptable performance...

Can this be an issue with my router or do all routers provide this kind of comparatively poor performance?
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  1. I had a similar problem with my Netgear router.
    Only solution for me was to replace it with a model that had better throughput.
    So I bought a FVS338 and sold my FVS318 on ebay.
    My connection is capped at 10Mbps but now I get the full 10Mbps :)

    You won't need one of those. I needed one because of VPN connections.
    Google the problem and see if there is a source of information about your router's throughput.
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    Your listed model seems to be VERY old.

    It does require processing power to translate and track connections on a NAT. A slower CPU will limit your connection speed. I bet back when your NAT/router came out, 5mbit was crazy fast.

    My Netgear 3700 is good for ~500mbit, so I won't need to replace until gigabit comes to my place.
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  4. Thank you for the replies.

    My current router is able to do over 50 mbits I think, and my connection only allows up to 15, anyway. I just ordered a fairly well-rated ASUS router so I will see how that goes.
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