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One of my secondary gaming rigs is using a older Kingston V-100 120gig SSD. within the last couple days i have been having issues with it. I will be in the middle of other playing games or just idling and computer will restart and bios wont recognize that it is even in the computer. I can restart as many times as i want and it will not recognize the ssd until i unplug the sata cable and replug it back in. at first i thought it was the sata cable so i replaced that and changed the power connection to a different line. I am still having this issue and this is 3 days later. Any one have any idea if this is a good indication of my SSD on its last limbs ?? this SSD 2 years or so old. Thanks for any help anyone can give.
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  1. Not uncommon. Sdds generally have a shorter life span then hdds. Try to back up everything as quickly as possible, then get a new ssd.
  2. Yea everything is always backed up to my freenas server so data is not a issue. just wanted to be 100% sure before tossing it. I knew ssd's had a shorter lifespan but 2 years really!! seems pretty short no ?
  3. Definitively is a SSD issue, but I am not quite convinced that it has gone.

    I´d check the Bios just to make sure nothing has changed all alone -- try booting with default settings.

    Anyway, if nothing work, then contact Kingston to listen what they have to say about it.
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    If the SSD is over 80% full then you will have some performance issues and if it's old and does not have the trim capability then the wear leveling may not be even.

    There is a nice contest here at Tomshardware and the prizes are 512 gb Samsung 840 Pro SSDs , it costs nothing to enter and could save you from buying a new SSD. You can enter here;
  5. would love to enter but i am not a resident of the USA. I live in Canada so i cannot enter =( . I honestly cant remember if it has TRIM or not but now i cannot even boot from it at all. will not recognize it. think its time to buy new one lol. Thanks for the replies!
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